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The Compliance Consortium provides essential information and strategies to make your regulatory compliance personnel more knowledgeable and effective.

The Compliance Consortium is a Behavioral Science led Investigation, Consulting and Training Firm, specializing in the fields of Fraud, Risk, Compliance, Conduct and Ethics.

The Compliance Consortium represents domestic and international clients in matters of regulatory compliance and internal investigations.

The Compliance Consortium includes a suite of services:

  • Healthcare Compliance support and consultation. 
  • Internal Investigations in all sectors.
  • Employee and Consumer/Customer Hotlines.
  • News and information that helps entities operationalize complex rules.

The Compliance Consortium consultants are seasoned experts, each with years of experience in both the public and private sectors. We are Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), Certified in Health Care Compliance (HCCA), AML/CFT/ABAC Certified (ACAMS, IACFI, CFCS), and Fellows of the International Compliance Association (FICA).

You can reach us at Contact@TheComplianceConsortium.org, or by calling (24/7 Lines):

  • 1 850 783 3984    TCC US (Bellingham WA)
  • 44 203 318 9434  TCC GB (London)
  • 41 43 508 1853    TCC EU (Zurich)

The Compliance Consortium, LLC